Neighborhoods in Bastrop County

Since I’m a realtor I thought it would be apropos to share a bit about what Bastrop County has to offer by way of real estate. In short, there’s quite a variety … homes on acreage, both large and small, subdivision homes on smallish lots, new homes in subdivisions or on acreage or even large lot subdivisions, homes on open prairie and homes in dense forest, river front property, golf course property, historic homes, older homes, well, you get the picture :-). Lots of kinds of property to choose from.

With all the excellent real estate search sites out there I know you probably already have a favorite for home searches so I won’t try to persuade you to use mine ( you know the one up on the menu bar right above this 😉 ). Just remember I’m around and my good buddy Mary Ellen Franklin is around to unlock doors and talk real estate whenever you’re ready … no rush at all. If you’re thinking of buying but are unsure about the financing part I can put you in touch with an excellent mortgage broker. He can help you work thru the details so you will quickly know where you stand.

Okay, let’s get started!

It’s hard to choose just how to categorize it so let’s just go by area.

The City of Bastrop and it’s immediate surroundings

Bastrop is one of Texas’s oldest cities. Why it was even around during the Civil War! So near the core of downtown there is a large number of historic homes many designated as such by the Texas Historical Commission. Some tiny and quaint, many large and lovely. Some are fully renovated and some still in need of loving care.

There are several neighborhoods with new or nearly new homes to choose from. Read more about homes in Bastrop Texas


Smithville is a beautiful old Texas town on the Colorado River. Maybe you’ve seen it but just didn’t realize it is a real place! The movie Hope Floats was set in Smithville and you can see many of the locations around town. Many gorgeous historic homes to be found here.  Read more about homes in Smithville Texas


Famed throughout Central Texas for it’s sausage, Elgin is also a place you can find homes both new and a bit older, all at some of the most affordable prices in the Central Texas area. It has a historic district and tons of good barbecue. Read more about homes in Elgin Texas

Cedar Creek and South Bastrop County

Just to the west and south of Bastrop you’ll find Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek sprawls over a large area stretching from just east of Bergstrom Airport to Bastrop. Most of the property in this area is rural but there are many subdivisions both old and relatively new mixed in. The homes can range from luxury custom site built homes on acreage to mobile homes on a couple of acres of land. Many horse ranches and hobby farms to be found around here. Read more about homes in Cedar Creek


Just at the very outskirts of Austin on the east side of town, Manor offers an affordable way to be close to everything you want to do in Austin. With commutes into Austin as short as 10 minutes Manor is an up and coming suburb and a great place to find a starter home. Read more about homes in Manor

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