About Life in Bastrop

Bastrop County is a Beautiful Place

Central Texas in general is known throughout Texas for it’s natural beauty. That’s no secret at all. What’s less well known though is that Bastrop County is the jewel of Central Texas. Austin is well known for it’s laid back casual atmosphere.  What’s less well known is that as the cost of living in Austin proper has gone up much of that laid back attitude has escaped into Bastrop County where the cost of living is lower but you’re still close enough to Austin to enjoy all it has to offer.

This site is all about sharing all that makes Bastrop a great place to live. Before we get into all that on the rest of the site … ah-hem, let me introduce myself.

I’m a Bastrop County Real Estate Agent

And I’m so glad you’ve dropped by for a little visit!  My name is Kathy Block, and I’m guessing you either live here in Bastrop County or you’re thinking you’d like to come out for a little weekend trip or maybe, just maybe, you’re thinking of moving here. Or maybe you live here and are looking for new things to see around home.  No matter, I hope you’ll find this site helpful in figuring out just what you’d like to do.

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