On a Side Road Near Elgin TX

While showing houses this afternoon I stumbled across a little country cemetery. And wouldn’t you know it had a few very old graves. Why here’s the headstone for G.B. who was born in 1882. Can you imagine what his life was like? He was born, most likely in Bastrop County, just after the Houston and Texas Central Railroad came thru and turned sleepy little Glasscock TX into a raucous railroad town.

Young's Prairie Cemetery
Young’s Prairie Cemetery

There were quite a few more head stones of similar kind plus quite a few more modern stones. There was a fresh grave. Gave me a feeling of connection with the past and the people that settled this land that I travel over and around in every day … it was a feeling of sacredness.

These lovely ladies with their babies always brighten up my days considerably. I think the baby calf closest to fence is really young … perhaps born today? I saw so many pairs like this and so many far away with babies laying in the grass. Couldn’t help but wonder how many were born just this morning!

Mamma cows with brand new babies
Mamma cows with brand new babies

And I discovered what looked like a fledgling olive ranch. I did see the owner and as a real foodie I was itching to ask him all about his operation but he was busy working, though not too busy to wave to me 🙂 . And alas, a Realtor’s work is never done, houses to show and all that 😉 . But sometime I’d love to hear more about it.

The sign reads ""Dell's Favorite Texas Olive Ranch  Olives with a Texas Spirit!""
The sign reads “Dell’s Favorite Texas Olive Ranch Olives with a Texas Spirit!”

Until next time 🙂


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